Beyond Brotherhood, Midground Creators, Cross Bar Ranch, and The Stephens Media Group have teamed up to help put a stop to Veteran Suicide with a 22-mile ruck march through the Arbuckle Mountains.

There is a strong significance within the number “22” within the Veteran community.  On average, there are 22 suicides per day, a number we hope to bring to ZERO.  We have very high hopes that this event will bring awareness to the “epidemic” at hand, but we are also attempting to increase the chances of prevention; awareness is great, but prevention is essential.

Click on the link  to the right to sign up today for one of the following events:

  • 22-mile ruck race

  • 22-kilometer (13.67 mile) ruck race

  • 2.2-mile ruck race

  • 22-mile off-road vehicle relay

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